FireDog Collective Inc. truly believes ‘anything is possible’! Our primary goal is to bring the visions of the Planners, Producers, Designers and Decor Specialists to life. We believe in providing top quality service, with the highest level of professionalism, within a team-based framework. FireDog Collective believes in people as our greatest resources and hold courtesy, respect and accountability in the highest of regards.


FireDog Collective is the parent company that originally began as FireDog Creative. Both as we have grown and as the industry has ebbed and flowed, it became a natural transition to identify and establish separate divisions such as Creative, Structures, People and more, to fulfil our clients’ needs. Together these divisions for the Collective create a full-service company providing designers, producers, and/or clients with every aspect from start to finish of an event. We are Live Event Support Specialists with divisions spanning design, structure and flooring, labour, and more.

About the Company and founders


Alain Bisson

FireDog Creative Inc. began as Alain Bisson in the early 1990s. Alain began working at the age of 15 as a support tech on video roadshows and with various bar bands. Over the course of 30+ years, Alan worked his way up in the live event industry from the basic ‘roadie’ status to operations management to production management. He has worked with touring bands, dance troupes, seasonal concert programs, corporate events, endless weddings, and so on. His educational background includes Law and Security, and Business Accounting and Management.

Tammy McCourt Bisson

Tammy is a Fine Arts graduate with majors in Printmaking, and Museum Management and Curatorship. Tammy worked in museums for many years, particularly in the educational programming department, as well as managing several volunteer programs. Tammy trained from an early age with her Grandmother, a professional Seamstress, leading to her working with a theatre group for many years as Head Costume Designer. She returned to school to complete a Post-Grad in Human Resources and Management, and has worked in HR and Administration for many years.


Together, they have formed a successful partnership that brings a multitude of skills and talents to a fast growing company. FireDog Collective Inc. is the result of two creative individuals who believe strongly in creativity and uniqueness, quality of service, and a high level of professionalism. FireDog Collective Inc. thrives on the varied and unique events that this industry creates. To that end, we have worked to assemble an equally unique and multi-talented team of employees and are committed to the continuing development of this resource. Alan and Tammy value education, and the pursuit of continual learning and development. They feel that we as creative individuals are constantly evolving, developing new skills and seeking new knowledge and ideas from all around us. They also feel that the younger generations are the future, as seen thru their daughter, Alexandra, the VP of FireDog Junior!


To this end, FireDog Collective actively supports and encourages employees to learn new skills, seek new ideas and participate in the creative aspects of this interesting and varied industry. Alan and Tammy are very family oriented, with a strong moral centre that guides their decision-making processes, both in personal and business aspects. They believe in "old-fashioned" values such as honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness. They are supporters of many charities, especially with a focus on children and education. Alan and Tammy carry forward these strong beliefs into their company and it reflects in their Human Resource management style. They believe that every person matters, every person is of value, and should be treated with upmost respect and kindness.